About myself
It’s a bit hard task to describe me, but I will do my best to give you a general impression of who I am… I am one of those romantic ladies who is a bit dreamy. I am one of those who can enjoy the gripping poetry book and then indulge to the new-age music motives. My nature is very various and rich, but always active. I believe in miracles and love surprises. I am open for everything new and I never give up. They say that I am a kind and optimistic woman with lots of love to share with the person who deserves it)))
About him
I guess we all are looking for our soul-mates and want approximately the same, but I see my beloved as someone very special. First of all, I see him as a loyal and generous man who will feel happy making me happy. I believe that love is a sparkle between two people, which turns into flame if you give it some fuel)) I want to find a reliable man, but at the same time a caring and affectionate one. I think it’s wonderful when partners understand each other without words, sometimes gestures can show everything we want to say)) Thus, if my man is a bit romantic too – this will be a great advantage))
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