About myself
I am purposeful and always try to achieve the intended goals. I am also self-critical, but kind and sympathetic, somebody's other pain and troubles I take as my own. I love to invite guests, so I am rather hospitable and “soul of the company”, it is always interesting and joyful with me. It is one of the best traits if mine. I don't like any boring and routine work I make it diverse and creative :).
About him
I dream to meet a loyal and decent man. I am also faithful and honest, and I wish my second half to possess the same qualities. I hate lies and don't want to be cheated. He should also accept me as I am, both with advantages and drawbacks. We all are different , and have to understand the reason of other deeds. I want us to be close friends and share every happy moment, life difficulties and emotional experience as well, because I think that emotional connection between partners is very important in family life, do you agree?
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