About myself
I consider myself a kind and friendly person, value friendship and mutual help, try to find compromise without problems and argues. Also I prefer to bring everything positive and prosperous in my life, in life of my friends and relatives. I am interested in the world of mutual relations and communication – everything is unrepeatable. Optimist, contradictory nature: rationality and spontaneity, intuition and logic, seriousness and innocence, mystery and openness - it's all about me.
About him
Above all it is appreciated, when a man takes responsibility, shows his kindness and care, patience with loved ones. I would love him to have a good sense of humour and be romantic and intelligent person, because I think, if a person has a sense of humour, it is easier for him to cope with the problems of everyday life. I do not have a point tick list of an ideal male traits... as I do believe that all of us are not without lacks and everyone has the advantages. It would be good, if he valued every moment, every second in this life and was ready to change his life to a fairy tale with happy end.
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