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About myself
I am woman with positive and sunny energy. By character I am a kind and calm woman. I could be tender and passionate, adventures and purposeful. I am polite with others and treat people with decency. I have no doubts that you would enjoy my playful and cheerful personality. My care is always genuine; my love is kind and true. I know how to surprise my man with my delicious affection. I like to listen more and at the same time I like to be heard. I appreciate inner world of a person, his depth. For me, tactility and sensuality are important as well as loyalty, honesty, respect and kind attention. And above all things I believe in love. :) What is important for you in relationship? What brings you happiness and energize you? Any match?
About him
I would like to find a man who is responsible and generous in every sense. I am looking for a mature, trustworthy and reliable man. He is confident about life and knows what he wants. He is kind, gentle, passionate, yet has a strong spirit. He is a person with an open heart and who is respectful to others. Just like me, I think he does not like sitting and doing nothing, because he active in everything he does in life. He knows how to take care of the family and enjoy life together. For me it’s important to have an honest and sincere person beside me. It is easy to talk about anything with him or keep silent embracing each other. He is understanding, sensual and open minded. We are happy to be around each other. And we strive to learn everything new together.