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Single Ladies
About myself
I am not a usual woman at all) What is it so unusual about me? I always try to tell the truth and to be honest with myself and with others. Some of my friends say that I am straightforward person but loyal and I always give hand in difficult times. I am determined and goal- oriented and last but not the least I can make a quick and hard decisions. Along with my strong values I can be gentle and caring.
I love animals, I am kind, friendly and a smiley person) sense of humor helps me to overcome bad times and live to the fullest. Also, I am adventurous and ready for a risk if I need it. I am not perfect but try to live with an agreement with myself.
About him
AS an open-minded woman I would like to meet here a man who will be on the same wave as me. I think that not age nor any other numbers have anything to do with love and relationships, there is a chance to fell in love at any age, appearance is not important for me, what is important him to be loyal, honest and I would love my man to possess the ability to keep his words but his action will speak even louder. I like when being ambitious and when he is not afraid to show his affections and emotions. Can you be that man?