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About myself
People say that I am friendly, smart and well-wishing! Frankly speaking, I am a woman who sets high goals and achieves them with a big passion. I am a life-experienced lady who believes in the beauty of her dreams! My biggest strengths, I believe, are loyalty, kindness, perception of people and their needs and of course my positive outlook on life with the forever hope of brighter and happier future ahead. My values are cosiness and enjoying my life. So, I can’t imagine happiness without my family, sport, traveling and tasteful dishes. In addition to it, I am very curious and I love getting to know new countries and cultures. I have always tried to be well-rounded in my life. I determined to improve my social skills and do my best in a lot of activities since childhood. I like life, new challenges and adventures. I strongly believe that if I am persistent and ambitious, everything becomes possible.
About him
To tell the truth, I don't like when women are not respected. That is why, I dream to meet a good man in order to build serious relations. I am lookinng for a man who will be with me in good and bad moments, who will give me his love, care and support when I need it. Therefore, I want to meet a man to create a beautiful serious, long-termed and harmonious relations. I am ready to inspire my man, to be his support and motivation. Besides that, he has to have a spirit of creativity. I desire to feel secure and at the same time develop freely with his support. We should have similar interests: be sporty, active, ambitious and love to travel. I hope to meet a gentle, sincere, sensitive, honest, loyal man with whom there is something to talk. Besides that, I desire to trust my future husband and live with him all my life. If you are ready travel, hug, make picnics and romantic dinners then I am waiting for you.