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Single Ladies
About myself
I am a very positive and joyful woman. I guess, you already guessed about it looking at my bright smile. :) I accept people who come into my life with kindness and openness. I am stable in understanding of what I want from life. Hysterical moods - it is not about me, it’s certain. I am dynamic and I think I never feel bored. I am sociable and I like friendly talking. In a couple I am tender, faithful and very giving. Family is always on the first place for me, however, I have enough of force and energy to combine it with work.
About him
I dream about a man with bright personality. He shouldn’t be ideal, but it is sure that he will be ideal for me. I appreciate honesty, it is my feature, so, I expect to get the same in turn. I love to have fun and I cannot imagine my happy family life with a melancholic man. I hope that we will enjoy our life together and that we will be very happy. So, I hope that my man will be able to notice beautiful things and find happiness in small daily details. I hope to meet purposeful, mature man. I need a person who is stable in his actions and who understands well what he wants from life and relationships. However, I think that the most important for me is his ability to love and trust.