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Single Ladies
About myself
My close friends can describe me as a polite, calm, sociable and persistent person. What is more, I am sensitive to the wishes and requests and I can go to a compromise in order to solve everything peacefully. From my childhood I was very active. I had a lot of hobbies and interests. For instance, I tried to dance, draw, sing, play volleyball, swim, engage in athletics and acting skills. Therefore, I am aware of different activities. From time to time I want to be with harmony with myself and to be alone. It gives me a vital break to get away from civilization and enjoy my life in full force. I believe in the beauty of my dreams. In my opinion, I should develop, improve and open my horizons every day in order to achieve success without illusions. That is actually the way that I keep myself motivated, just thinking about how proud I can be of myself when I reach one of my goals next time. I am passionate about camping, horseback riding, reading, collecting puzzles, doing different kinds of sport, walking and cycling. When I want to relax then I go to the sea in order to swim, sunbathe and breathe the sea air.
About him
When I close my eyes, I imagine my future partner who is strong, reliable, generous, persistent, kind, honest, successful, and with great manners and a good sense of humor. I believe, love will give us extensive opportunities to follow our sweet dreams! Frankly speaking, I extremely desire to find a partner with whom I would feel reliable, easy-going and protected. Moreover, I appreciate mutual love, honesty, politeness and respect. I am just looking for a person who will be ready to create serious and long-termed relations in order to feel tenderness, warmth, support and care. As for me, love is something special and powerful and it is not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end. We shouldn't try to change the vision of each other or pretend in different situations but improve our being together every day with big passion. Furthermore, we need respect each other, to be the best friends and keep the chemistry and fire between us forever.