Beautiful girls
About myself
I can describe myself as a blithesome, smiling person with a great sense of humour) I am communicative, friendly, emotional in good sense ;) I am hard-working as I try always to finish or to achieve the deal that I start) I am the person who is able and can love with all my heart. I believe that in relationships it is necessary not only to take, but also a lot to give... and how do you think?)
Among the variety of so many interesting things in life, I try to find something for myself.. I love beautiful places with unusual history and architecture, that's why travelling is in the list of my hobbies. Also travelling is a great way of practising language... Another my passion is yoga! It helps to find the harmony with mind and body, but surely also helps to be in a good shape)
About him
What features I want to see in my man? First of all I search for seriousness in creating the couple, creating the happy family... My man is a person who stands firm on his feet in life, who is able to take care of his future family. But at the same time he has a big loving heart. He loves kids and animals, and has a sense of humour) I want to meet a person, with whom we can talk about everything, who can become the best friend and beloved for me) if you look for the same, just write to me.