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About myself
I am a self-sufficient girl with a great job, an amazing hobby that helps me relieve stress and creating beauty. And after a hard day at work, I will not sit with a glass of wine while watching the next soap series, but I will cook myself an amazing delicious dinner from new recipes, go for a walk or watch an educational channel ... If this has not scared you yet, write to me ...
About him
As for me, I think that first of all people must be good friends, and only after this a great lovers. Because they must can to talk on different themes and nothing to hide from each other. They must understand and support each other; in some situations, they must understand each other without any words. I want to find a person to whom I could give all myself and in return receive not less. Even I saw him from a distance; a smile immediately appeared on my face.
Tell me please about your views about relationships.