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Single Ladies
About myself
I LOVE nature and think it is the biggest treasure in the WORLD. I always try to spend time outdoors. I like reading, watching films. I pay attention to myself because I want to look good for my man. I like walking, like to gather with friends, go to the beach during the summer. But I prefer to swim or play some sport games there, just sunbathing is not for me 8)
But the most favorite thing for me is TRAVELING :D I'm that person with a packed suitcase ready to go somewhere in a minute. I love to discover new places and meet new people. Other cultures are interesting for me and I would like to live somewhere abroad as I think traveling helps to develop personality. What do you think about this? I hope to hear from you :)
About him
I want to find a person who will make me the happiest in the world and I sincerely believe that it is possible... The one who tries will always find :!: