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Single Ladies
About myself
I am a modest person. I like communication, meeting with new people. I am always ready to help, if I have such possibility. I love my family, my children, my parents. I really love my place of work and people who are around me, my colleagues. It is very important to have a wonderful personal atmosphere, so here I can say that I am lucky:) I like to overcome some difficulties, I have a strong willpower. And I always try to raise a level of my knowledge.
About him
With all my heart I want to have a person near me, with whom we could understand each other, help each other and take care of each other. Because in our life it is very important to have a person who would support you in any situation which life can bring us. What doesn't kill makes us stronger, and it is right position, but sometimes it can be very difficult to overcome some problems by yourself. I want to find a kind, fearless person. I would like him to be fair, reliable, caring and of course who could want a family as one of important and first values in life.