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About myself
I am smiling, sociable, an sweet person. My friends say, that I have a very feminine calm, harmonic personality. I’m fair, I can’t watch when someone hurts the weak. I try to volunteer and help those who are in need. I never refuse and share my knowledge in any field, if it is useful to someone. If someone asks for help, I try to help sincerely, and do not pretend that I tried. I think in this cruel world, those qualities are really important, as we all need to stay kind to each other. I try to raise kindness and the willing to help others in my son too. I am the one, who always sees the world in the white colors))
About him
In a man I seek wisdom, a sense of humor, a quick mind, the ability to plan for the future, industry, sincerity, the ability to care for a woman and chivalry. I would like to see a person next to me with a wide, pure soul. So that he was , able to sympathize and was capable of generosity. I would like my man to have an interesting job, so he liked it. So that he was realized in his career and already knew what he wants from the family, and what kind of woman he is looking for.