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About myself
I am very simple lady. But at the same time I am smart one and intelligent lady. I have some talents. Are you interested to know? I am a creative person. I write poetry and doing sports. I am raising a son. I like to travel. But the main dream is to travel with my future husband. I love to cook and I know a couple of recipes that you can’t resist. We can cooking together or I can teach you and then you will be like a chef in an expensive restaurant. I hope you share my interests.
About him
Here I look for love and serious warm relationship. Friend, husband and father in one face. I need a proactive and active man. I have an active social position, my man can also share my thoughts and views with me. Which will not be afraid of difficulties. Who can make friendship with my son. Who also loves traveling. My soul requires respect and love. A man who respects me can make me happy. Maybe it's you?