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International Women

Femininity and feminism are two contesting concepts in the modern world. Despite the sad tendency observed in the whole world, Ukraine is still a place where true femininity is preserved. Moreover, the modern meaning of International women’s day differs a lot from its original one!

Modern holiday

The women’s day in Ukraine is in bigger part similar to Mother’s Day celebrated in European countries. On this day children congratulate their dear mothers and men greet beloved Ukraine ladies. It is one of those days of the year when Ukraine women are accustomed to getting signs of love and care from their nearest and dearest.

A wonderful start of the day

Ukrainian holiday is aimed to show Slavic women that they are loved and cared about. Early in the morning on March, 8 men usually bring spring flowers to ladies – tulips, daffodils, crocuses, primroses, irises, gerberas, hyacinths... We specially prepared a range of nice gifts for you to gladden the ladies you like!


Men have a wonderful ability to highlight the true calling of a woman as a beautiful and tender “hearth keeper”, a creator of love and life. During the whole day, it is customary to let the woman stay away from her daily routine. Fathers and sons do the household and prepare family dinner – usually something simple, as it is not a cookery talent show, but a token of love and care. :)

One more idea to think about

Care and tenderness are something we are able to gift every day. So, let’s remember each other on ordinary days too! Make your every day a small holiday, give pleasant presents and flowers to your beloved woman not only on March, 8. :)


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