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How to treat a Ukrainian girl on International Women's Day

How to treat a Ukrainian girl on International Women

Spring is a season of awakening nature and blossoming beauty. In our country there is a wonderful tradition to celebrate a women’s day at the beginning of spring. Established in the Soviet Union times the March, 8th became a real holiday of femininity.

History of the holiday

The fest is initially based on the idea of gender equality and opportunity for women to get an occupation related to physical labor along with men. As there were multiple countries as parts of Soviet Union, the holiday was named the International Women's Day. All men of post-soviet countries gift presents to women on this day.

Holiday traditions

Though it is not exactly the analog of a Mother’s Day, it has many similar traditions. For example children prepare crafts in school for their mothers, grannies and teachers. Students greet their lecturers and monitors. On this day men gift flowers, gifts, perfumes to their beloved ones and simply women-friends. Co-workers and classmates greet each other and play small scenes while music bands and artists establish festive concerts, exhibitions and entertainment events.

Make her feel valued

The ladies expect to get a lot of attention and presents of the day. The more significant the presents are, the more important the lady is for those around her. Of course the main present the lady expects to get from her beloved man. In fact a lady judges about the seriousness of man’s intentions by the present he gifts her.

Overwhelm her

International Women's Day is an opportunity to flood your lady with attention. SlavicGirl dating agency is happy to provide you with a great choice of lovely presents to impress any lady ranging from a bunch of flowers to a SPA-certificate.

Be proactive

Use a chance to make the most charming lady notice you! Attention shown properly on this day is valued particularly. If there is a lady on the site you had no courage to write to, turn her attention by sending her flowers!


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