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How to choose the right lady to create family?. how-to-chose-the-right-lady-for-marriage-Z8h.jpg


You already know that Ukrainian Women possess outstanding personalities and make great life partners. There are hundreds of beautiful ladies: brunette, blondes, redheaded women on the internet searching for their future partner for life. So, how to choose the right Ukrainian lady for you?

In the Article "How to Choose the Right Woman"

1. Consistency
2. Persistence
3. Responsiveness
4. Involvement
5. Honesty

How to Choose the Right Woman for Marriage

We will give you some pieces of advice to show what you should pay attention to when choosing a woman for a serious relationship.

1. Consistency

  Chatting with the girls online is not the same as the real one and it includes a specific consequence of rituals to be accomplished. These are getting acquainted by exchanging letters, having a video, or a text chat to see each other in person, visiting for a real meeting to see whether you are compatible, and finally starting a real relationship. Of course, every relationship is different and may include additional elements or miss some of the above-mentioned. As a rule, some similar scheme works well. So, if you expect that a Ukrainian lady will be into you after just two or three letters, this won’t happen. Love letters and vows of eternal love are inappropriate in this initial period of getting to know each other, agree?)

Profile on a Dating Site

A profile on a dating site can be divided into two components: pictures and a profile. 

  • Pictures for dating site 

Many users view profiles in automatic mode, so a good photo will help to catch the eye. It is important to remember that smiling on a picture is the key to success. 
It is best to choose a photograph that is half-human in height, where the face and figure are clearly visible. You should avoid photographs with glasses, half-naked photos, with a bottle of beer or a cigarette. 

  • Profile

After choosing a suitable photo for your profile, you can proceed directly to fill out the sections. And here it is important to fill it correctly.

5 points of a great dating profile:

  1. Literacy. All sections of the questionnaire must be filled out correctly. This is immediately apparent. And most likely, an illiterately filled out questionnaire will be immediately closed.
  2. Specificity. The user must clearly understand whether he fits your framework or not. Specificity should also be in hobbies, as this will simplify the beginning of communication.
  3. Humor. Wit borders on sexuality. Include a couple of apt phrases in your profile, thereby making it both interesting and stand out from the rest.
  4. A bit of a mystery. For example, in the "about myself" section. Communication can begin simply with curiosity, and then perhaps grow into something more ...
  5. Brevity. You need to understand that this is not a dissertation and few people will read a lot of text.

How to Choose the Right Woman for Marriage

2. Persistence

    A person seriously interested in searching for a partner for life is always active in letter writing and chats. If a lady doesn’t respond to you for more than a week, you should seriously think about continuing online dating with her. Active Slavic Women spend many hours online and try to find the possibility to contact you even when being at work. They know what they want and often may be the first to write to you and suggest getting to know each other better. Don’t think that Ukrainian ladies are all housewives and have plenty of time to surf the internet. Don’t underestimate the time they gift you when being online.

   How to naturally start a conversation on a dating site? Take a look at the pictures. Find a nuance through which you could make an acquaintance. For example, one of the photos was taken in a very beautiful place — you can ask about it.

Three worst phrases for starting a conversation on a dating site:

  • "Hello." Everything is clear here.
  • "How are you?" Therefore, this phrase is also inappropriate for the first sentence with a new person.
  • "What are you doing on a dating site?" "What are you looking for here?" Most likely the answer is in the profile.

The first phrase is like the second impression of you after the photo. If you write something original, fun, and enjoyable, success is guaranteed. If you are rude and boring, there may be no second chance.

3. Responsiveness

    Have you ever been in a situation when you got a letter that completely didn't fit the one you sent? This means the lady you met is not “the right one”. Interested ladies respond to most of your questions. Even the language barrier cannot prevent them from giving full and considerate answers to your letters. Writing letters is one of the best ways to get to know each other when you are involved in online dating.

4. Involvement

   Even though most Ukrainian ladies are very busy working and some even raising their kids they will find time for you. Life in Ukraine leaves not much time for multiple activities except for working, keeping fit and visiting relatives. So, most likely if a lady devotes her time to you online, then you won her attention.

5. Honesty

   There are many things that you can’t check while having a long-distance relationship at Ukraine Dating online. I think that if you search for a life partner there is no place for lies and unfaithfulness. If you see that the lady shares her daily activities, feelings, and concerns with you, be sure that she is into you) On the contrary, if a lady requires expensive gifts after just a couple of letters – run away from her :) Don’t misunderstand me, presenting gifts is wonderful, but you should take your time to get to know each other to avoid a feeling that you “buy” your future love.

In conclusion

  I hope that these pieces of advice will help you find your one and only. Don’t be afraid to give your heart to a Ukrainian lady. She is worth it) But, certainly be careful to choose the right one :) Read more articles about Ukrainian genetic traits, Russian facial features

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