History of marriage agencies

History of marriage agencies. history-of-marriage-agencies-253.jpg

Marriage agencies appeared not so long ago – almost 370 years ago. Nevertheless, already many couples around the world have played weddings thanks to their services. You will be interested to find out that there is an official holiday for the marriage business workers. It is celebrated annually world-wide and was first initiated... by Ukrainians! :)

Professional cupid’s holiday

The holiday arose on the initiative of the staff of one of the Ukrainian agencies. More precisely, they suggested the very idea of the holiday, and it was later supported by the organizations of Western countries: Canada, Italy, the United States, France. Officially, the date was registered on December 1, 2010 by the State Department of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Since then February, 12 is the International Day of Marriage Agencies.

The first marriage agency

The first marriage agency was opened in London on September 29, 1650 by an English merchant Henry Robinson. Its name was very delicate - “The Office of courtship and meetings”. Freedom and life diversity in Netherlands inspired Henry during his journey to start a marital business at home. 3 years later a similar municipal establishment was created by a Samuel Hartlib.

First marital ads

On July 19, 1695, already 323 years ago, the first marital ads were published in a UK household digest. After the first newspapers were printed in 1690, it was not long before people began to get acquainted with their help. A certain isolation of the island of Great Britain contributed to the fact that for about half a century the marital ads were exclusively English business.

Various opinions

According to other sources, the first marital agencies were opened by priests in England and Wales in the late 18th century, causing many ridicules. Rumors appeared about the "conjugal plan", according to which in each city it was supposed to create a network of agencies. Being alone for people over 21 y.o. in this era was considered shameful. So, ads about dating and marriage agency services were the only saving ways for men and women to avoid public censure.

Germans succeed in uniting hearts

Particularly successful in spreading nuptial leaflets were Germans in the middle of the XVIII century. According to some statistics, every sixth wedding in Germany happened thanks to publication of a marriage announcement. This fact may be explained by culture specifics along with more active and open nature of citizens.

Marriage agencies in Russia and Ukraine

Each new century brings to life its laws and rules. In the 21st century in Slavic countries, as in the rest of the world, the number of marriages after virtual acquaintances started growing rapidly. Young people meet one another on the Internet, correspond for some time, then date in reality and understand that they are meant to be together.

In conclusion

Contrary to stereotypes, the majority of existing couples do not coincide by the key questionnaire requirements to each other. Their beloved ones differ in age or education, in height or attitude to children. Personal sympathies are always more significant, than any points of questionnaires. So, are marital agencies services good or bad? Probably, all the same they are good. After all, by and large, it does not matter how two people met and fell in love :) Life is good when it is diverse!


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