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Happy international hugs day!

Happy international hugs day!. happy-international-hugs-day-11h.jpg

4th of December is traditionally an international hugs day.

There are several unwritten rules in force on this holiday:

  • You can not be offended by the hugs given by a stranger.
  • Do not forbid your loved one to hug other people.
  • You can not cuddle with evil intentions and / or without emotions...

Just a few facts proving that hugs are not only pleasant, but also useful:

Hugs improve well-being. When you touch another person, oxytocin is produced, which gives a feeling of tenderness and warmth.

Hugs normalize blood pressure. The moment someone touches you, pressure receptors, the so-called Pacini bodies, which send a signal to the vagus nerve, are activated, resulting in a decrease in blood pressure.

Hugs help to fight phobias. Psychologists found that hugs (no matter with a person, a cat, a soft toy) comfort and reduce fears.

Don't forget to greet your lady and send her at least a virtual warm hug! ;)




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