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Greet ladies on Mother’s Day!. greet-the-ladies-on-mothers-day-i12.jpg


Motherhood is a joy, but daily hard work as well. It brings new discoveries to the lady every day. May, 13th is an international Mother’s Day. We decided to remind you about the holiday, so you could greet Ukrainian ladies you communicate with!

Positive Qualities

Getting to know a lady with children is a good opportunity. Firstly, you know for sure that such Slavic woman is highly responsible and caring as she is rising a kid on her own. Moreover, she is already experienced in bringing children up. Secondly, it means that the lady is mature, and she doesn’t need to be cared about too much.

Date Her!

Relationship with a single mother may become first step to being a father, as she will hardly refuse to have another child with you. The big advantage is that you are luckily escaping the most unpleasant period of sleepless nights with a new-born! :)

Useful Tip

If you communicate with any ladies on our site that have children, don’t forget to ask about the kid’s achievements. This will help you win the woman’s heart easily, as nothing is more pleasant than talking about your child’s success. If you plan a trip to Ukraine, be sure to bring some small souvenir or toy for the little one. And definitely don’t forget to greet them on Sunday!

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Getting Slavic woman with an international Mother’s Day


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