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Great news on Easter 2019!

Great news on Easter 2019!. great-news-on-easter-2019-TTd.jpg
This Sunday is going to be special for most of the people in Ukraine -  those who follow Orthodox and Greek Catholic brunch of Christianity. They will celebrate Easter on April, 28th. That is not only an important holiday for those who seriously practice Christiany but an official holiday and favourite time for family gatherings! Find more information about the holiday and its traditions in Ukraine in this post
It is customary in Ukraine to gift presents (usually sanctified Easter cakes and colored eggs, sometimes also red wine and sausage) to each other throughout the whole Easter week. So, you still have many possibilities to greet the lady you like!

 Tip 1: That is also a perfect time and way to start conversation with new ladies!

Do not forget to send your greetings to the ladies you communicate with! 
You also have a good chance to surprise the ladies with Easter gifts. Make this Easter special with your attention!

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