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Twin Flame Relationship or Harmonious Relationship. get-ready-to-face-your-twin-soul-d76.jpg

Have you ever met a person and suddenly realized that you saw him or her in a dream? Such "casual" meetings are so similar to gifts of a mischievous fate! Often we do not want to think about their nature. But magic usually has a simple explanation. And surprising meetings are often caused by the mysteries of the psyche. Let’s find out why certain people come into your life!

You Are The One Who Is In Me

A casual meeting is the most nonrandom thing in the world 

Julio Cortázar 

To understand their principle, we need to turn to Freud’s theory. Imagine that you are eager to read a certain book (it’s a desire of your subconscious). You are looking for a way to find it (here your consciousness comes to play). You surf on the Internet, ask friends, call different bookstores. But suddenly your feet lead you to the right shop. And the book is there, and the seller is so similar to its main heroine and the Woman of Your Dream at the same time. It’s your intuition that brought you there.

Twin Flame Relationship - Subconsciousness and Reality

We meet only those who already live in our subconscious, our internal partner, embodied in reality. Scenario, which has long been lost in the head becomes true. It's no wonder that all the pros and cons of this woman are also part of this amazing chain. Remember that it is important to take the partner as he is. What does it mean? It means accepting the truth about him/her without deceiving, seeing without embellishment.

Karmic Soulmate. What's under the wrapping?

The subconscious is not a servant or master of us. It is an amazing creature, living by its own laws and concepts. Because the subconscious is not listening to the mind, but our true desires. A true man’s desire is surprising: to find a woman who looks and behaves like his mother.

If the mother is good - the image is idealized to infinity. A woman of the same moral qualities, intelligence, the character can be looked for forever, changing one to another. And in 50 years you may suddenly understand a bitter truth: such women as your mother simply do not exist.

Set the right goal for a harmonious relationship

Therefore, in order to find a real woman, but not the second mother, first, change your expectations. "My mother is a Creator. She gave me life - she gave me a miracle. I need a woman - a Creator. With whom we will create a miracle and a new life together."

I look at you like in a mirror

Mirrors can be even and curved. There are people whom we choose and those whom fate leads to us. The person we have chosen is a smooth mirror. It is cleaned to shine, without a single flaw. They say: "a woman is a business card of a man". The woman chosen by your head is beautiful, intelligent, and economic. You will never argue and live in eternal love together. With her, you will shine in every company. Do you think such ideals exist? No) Well, to some extent ;)

A woman brought to you by fate is a crooked mirror. With cracks and irregularities. Looking at it, you understand that you are incomplete. After all, it tells us what we think about ourselves, but we hide it. And behaves with us the way we treat ourselves. Such a person shows all the unsightly sides of our soul: fears, complexes, illusions. Even if we split up with her, the next one will be the same. Fate sends us people not for fun, but for self-improvement.

The way to a harmonious relationship

To come to a harmonious relationship with a Ukrainian girl you need to change the attitude yourself. Start to love, accept, and respect your personality. You need to trust yourself to trust her. Only by respecting yourself and your woman you can become a truly harmonious couple. Try to find only good sides in your lady. These can really outweigh the small flaws if you think positive. Everybody has good and bad points. Being able to accept people as they are without idealizing them is the greatest wisdom. And it turns out that meeting a Ukrainian lady brought by fate is a Gift from Above.

We wish you to be prepared to meet yourself with courage, to love all the sides of your personality. This way you will increase your chances to find love while Ukraine Dating online or on your tour to Ukraine. And you will be ready to accept the right Slavic woman in your life and find happiness together!  

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