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Old New Year is here!. old-new-year-is-here-V4J.jpg

In the Article "Old New Year in Ukraine"

The Festive Day of January, 14th

  Not many people know that on January, 14th Orthodox Christians celebrate the New Year by the old-style calendar, or so-called “Old New Year”. The eve of this day is the time when people commemorate St. Melania (Malanka). More about the rich traditions of celebration you may get to know from the article about Old New Year. In this post, we’d like to tell you more about Basil the Great.

The Historical Personality of Basil

  Basil the Great was an Archbishop of Caesarea Kapadokiyskaya, an ecumenical teacher of the church (IV century of our era). On January, 14th Christians commemorate him. Church sources characterize Basil as an ascetic, theologian, and scholar, the author of the code of monastic life. The following statement belongs to him: "The more you take away from the body, the more strength is added to the soul."

Old New Year Traditions

  Basil the Great was also considered the patron of agriculture, and that is why on this day the main ceremony is sowing dwellings with the grain. The first sower for the New Year is said to bring happiness to the house. It is believed that girls do not bring happiness so that it is not suitable for them to sow.

Old New Year - Celebrations Continue!

  The Old New Year is a great fest for most people in Ukraine and Russia. It is time for meeting with the dearest and nearest and is almost as important for Christians as January, 1. Festivities are still common in Mykolaiv – you may see it in the photos below. :) On this day you still have a wonderful opportunity to send a gift to your beloved Ukrainian lady, if you didn’t congratulate her earlier! Or if you are still in the process of search - you can talk to girls, Slavic Women while the online date on our site.

Old New Year in Ukraine


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