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Wedding in Ukraine. planning-and-organization-of-wedding-in-ukraine-Bp4.jpg

The dream wedding ceremony is not just a groom, his lady, and happy guests. There is a whole team of professionals by all the incredible beauty that we are accustomed to seeing at such events. Modern newlyweds prefer to delegate the organization of their main holiday to professionals. On the "nuptial" market such service is offered by coordinators and organizers of the celebration. Let’s see what it takes to organize a nuptial in a homeland of Beautiful Ukrainian Women. A wedding ceremony in Ukrainian style is an outstanding event with many authentic traditions and rites.

Wedding in Ukraine

Ukrainian Wedding Tradition

Rushnyk – an authentic towel

An embroidered towel (rushnyk) is an indispensable attribute of all folk festivals and rituals. It literally accompanies Ukrainian people from the cradle to the grave. Christmas, carnival, Trinity - all these events require an especially sewn and embroidered towel. A great deal of them is prepared for a Ukrainian nuptial. After all, according to the ancient folk custom, the lady was to bestow each guest with a towel embroidered with her own hand. To keep a tradition and save time Ukrainian women often buy such towels in advance.

Wedding loaf “karavay”

There is a beautiful Ukrainian custom for parents to meet couples with a festive loaf. They present it on a towel with a salt cellar. These items represent good income, well-being, and luck for a future family. Karavay is usually ordered in a bakery and can be a real masterpiece. The lady and man should bite off a piece of the loaf without touching it with their hands. It is believed that the one who bites off a larger piece, will become a head of the family.

Plan a Perfect Wedding Ceremony in Advance

Couples are advised to specify and discuss all the details of the holiday in advance. They say it is better to start preparing for the event in 3-5 months.

Flowers and Music on Wedding

Less and less often Ukrainian ladies give preference to the solemn ceremony in a registry office, which has no individuality and mystery. They choose mobile ceremonies in picturesque places or chick restaurants. Most couples want flower compositions and decorations. Therefore, florists and designers are very much in demand on the market. Individual companies take responsibility for all the decoration and musical accompaniment of the celebration.


The choice of a restaurant should be made with responsibility. These days top rated are ceremonies in the European manner. For them a buffet table is usual. Guests are treated with light snacks, which, together with alcoholic drinks, are placed on separate tables. Guests can freely walk around the hall and find interlocutors by interest. Usually, such a cocktail party presupposes a more formal setting than a banquet, but dances and competitions will also be quite appropriate.

Hire Wedding Professionals

When planning a nuptial ceremony in Ukraine a help of a coordinator and an organizer may be useful. The task of the organizer is to think over the concept, find a place for carrying out the event, and develop the concept. He also provides professional contractors, and, of course, answers for the quality of their services. The coordinator is the person whose main part of the work falls on the day of the nuptial. He can partially supervise the preparation for the nuptials as well. Choosing the best planner and organizer is half of the success of your nuptial.

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Wedding in Ukraine


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