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Feel the magic of winter in Nikolaev. feel-the-magic-of-winter-36H.jpg

Although winter holidays have already passed, Slavic women from Mykolaiv are still waiting for a “real” winter. According to the folk belief, hard frost and snowy weather are to come on Epiphany, but all are different this year. Until January, 18 there was no snow in most parts of Ukraine. The last two days pleased the citizens with unexpectedly snowy weather which created a magical atmosphere at once!

It is worth noting that this year Ukrainian girls from Mykolaiv have the pleasure to admire two beautiful New Year trees at once! A classic artificial fir-tree stands in the middle of the main street near the monument of St. Nicolas. The second one was gifted to the citizens by the major. An unusual LED tree on the main square is 22 meters in height. It is not the biggest one in Ukraine, but its price has overcome even the one in the capital! This is also the first year that Mykolaiv citizens enjoy a rich Christmas fair with such a wonderful atmosphere.

Look at the photos and feel that Christmas is still there in Mykolaiv city. It is in your power to prolong the spirit of the holidays for your Ukrainian girl! Just visit our site while Ukrainian Dating Online and choose a small pleasant gift for her. Because real feelings do not need a special occasion. Talk to girls online or visit our lovely city to feel the festive spirit and see how beautiful it is in winter!


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