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Exotic delight. exotic-delight-GUj.jpg
Exotic delight

Every lady dreams of visiting exotic islands and walk through pristine forests with their untouched nature and taste of freedom and delight!

You may bring this dream closer to your beloved with this set of exotic fruits carefully picked and neatly packed into a heart-shaped box. Gift your lady a sincere joy of new taste discoveries!


The gift box contains 8 types of exotic fruits in total: 

Mango Ready to eat 1pc
pitahaya 1pc
kiwi gold 1pc
granadilla 1pc
rambutan 1pc
Passion fruit 1pc
kumquat 100g
lychee 100g

The average weight of this fruit box is 1.2 - 1.3 kg.


There might be a rare slight change in the box elements with other exotic fruits of equal quality and price. The site administration will notify you, if it might happen.

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