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Christmas inspiration. christmas-inspiration-z1A.jpg

Christmas is a time when people should distract from their daily routine and get inspired to celebrate the special event. This gift basket will help you relax and acquire necessary mood. This set is a perfect present for any lady that values good wine and fresh juicy fruits. Can you think of a better present in winter?


The gift consists of:

bottle of sparkling wine "Martini", 1 chocolate, 1 pineapple, 2 grenades and 5 apples, a set of New-Year toys, a basket, artificial flowers and fir-tree twigs for decoration.

Christmas inspiration


Perfect for

Thinking of you...
Let’s communicate!
I am interested in you
Surprise for videochat
Happy Holiday!
Because you are special

Happiness delivered

The best way to impress your special someone is giving flowers without any special
reason. And there is no better time to give her flowers than now

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