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Basket “Sweet Tooth” big. basket-sweet-tooth-big-WE1.jpg
Basket “Sweet Tooth” big

On cold evenings all women long to wrap in a warm blanket with a hot cup of tee and something sweet. Spicy gingerbread is an undeniable favorite for such occasions! Especially when it is a fine selection of an original German gingerbread combined with an assortment of tasty cookies and chocolate.


The gift basket contains: a pack of spicy Lambertz gingerbread (300 g), cinnamon nut Lambertz cookies (175 g), 3 minipacks of Delizia gingerbread staffed with apple jam (360 g in total), Millenium Golden Nut chocolate (100g), a pack of chocolate-covered cookies with salted caramel (108 g)

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