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Basket “Cheese delight”. basket-cheese-delight-L2c.jpg

Exquisite cheese tastes gathered in this basket are an ideal addition to a bottle of good wine. The basket combines the most famous and popular cheese sorts – French, Georgian, Italian, Dutch. Such present creates a romantic mood and makes the lady dream about faraway countries and cultures, that beg to be explored.


Such basket will become a perfect birthday gift for your lady. Make her dream about a cozy candle-light dinner in your company!


The basket contains a bottle of red wine, rye bread with bran, wooden cutting board, pieces of cheese 300 g each individually wrapped: cheese with white mold (Brie or Camembert), Basiron Pesto Rosso, Basiron Pesto Verde, Maasdam / Edam, "marble" cheese, Dutch cheese, sulguni cheese.

Chat with your girl online to find out what type of cheese she loves or just present cheese basket to your beloved Slavic woman to brighten her day and make her feel special!

Basket “Cheese delight”


Perfect for

Happy Birthday!
For her Mom
Proud of your achievement
Surprise for videochat
Welcome back!
Happy Holiday!

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