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Are you ready to St. Valentine’s Day?. are-you-ready-to-st-valentines-day-vZ7.jpg

For already 2 decades St. Valentine’s Day has been confidently coming into the lives of Ukrainians. Love mail delivered by “cupids” became customary at every school. That is why many ladies wait for this event with excitement.

Why is it so important?

Sadly, but true, Ukrainian ladies are not used to being treated with care and affection. That is why this new tradition, borrowed from Western countries, gained popularity – it makes Ukrainian men behave as gentlemen and gift small presents and attention to their Slavic women at least on this day. No matter how expensive the gift is – your attention and sweet words are all that matters.

What is customary on St. Valentine’s?

By some legends, St. Valentine was a priest giving his blessing to the couples who tied the knot secretly. By some others, he was in love with a beautiful woman, which was against the law for a priest. But, no matter what, the truth is, he was named a patron of all the love couples. Everything is connected with love on St.Valentine's day! In Ukraine, as well as in other countries, people write small love notes and send gifts to each other. More about the traditions you may find in this article in our blog.

To sum up

For sure, Ukrainian beauties understand that event-marketing makes fortune to the sellers these days... Nevertheless, observing the festive fuss makes them desire to feel special too. Knowing this, we prepared a range of pleasant gifts to help you make this day special for the lady you chat with. Order now with delayed delivery and make her eyes shine on this special day!

Is St. Valentine’s Day as important in your country as it is now in Ukraine? :)


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